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Member Stories

Paul Cain

  1. When/how did you start flying? 2014, currently at 480 hours PIC. My wife grew up on air force bases... Her father is a retired Colonel and a former member of the Thunderbirds. She has always been supportive of my aviation interests, and actually signed me up for my first flight lesson! Ground School was on-line with Gold Seal, and went by quickly. Flight training took a little more than a year, flying on weekends with Aerodynamic Aviation out of KMRY. Well worth the wait.

  2. What do you fly? 1976 Grumman AA5B TIGER N74645. Purchased as a "project plane" then spent 6 years replacing EVERYTHING. It's currently a beautiful bird!

  3. Where do you keep your plane? KMRY north hangars. I share a hangar with a gyrocopter!

  4. Where do you live? Prunetuscany. (aka Pruntucky aka Prunedale)

  5. Favorite place you've ever flown to? Grand Canyon. Although, I'm also partial to the Mojave space port.

  6. Bucket list of places to fly? Catalina Island, Alaska, Key West

  7. Bucket list of planes you'd love to fly in? Long EZ, Velocity, Cirrus Jet, 747, CH-47 Chinook

  8. Have you built a plane? No, but I "feel" like I built my Tiger because I have left no bolt unturned. I replaced most of the engine, all of the plexiglass, all of the fiberglass, all of the rubber, all of the avionics, re-built the instruments, replaced the upholstery with a kit from Airtex, Paint by Art Craft, the list seems endless!

  9. Favorite thing about flying? I fly because they let me... Seriously, It's one of the most remarkable things we are allowed to do and I hope to fly as long as I can afford it. I love hanging out at airports with planes and pilots. So much to see, so many stories.

  10. How long have you been a member of EAA and Chapter 119? I joined the EAA last year because I wanted to give rides to the Young Eagles. The Tiger is such a fun plane that I feel compelled to share the experience of flying it. I am new to chapter 119.