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Member Stories

The El Mirage Ken Brock Freedom Fly-in Flight-line.

The covered seating for meals and hanging out.

Leo gave Chris and Tracy their first ride in a Gyro.

Chris Laws talking Gyros with Peter Kalev.

The Laws family went down to the Mojave Desert for the Ken Brock Freedom Fly-in, put on by PRA Chapter 1. The event takes place on the El Mirage dry lakebed. The weather was warm and great. The winds picked up in the evenings but if you are flying a gyrocopter that is not an issue. The rotor is essentially a rotating wing so it slices through the wind with no problem. On Friday night Chris was introduced to Leo who is an instructor out of Nevada. He was generous enough to give both Chris and Tracy their first experience in a gyrocopter. WOW! In the words of another passenger of Leo's from that day, "This is the kind of flying I wish I was doing." The degree of maneuverability is like nothing else. The openness of the airship is so freeing yet it is comfortable and you feel in complete control. That was just the taste Chris needed to push him closer to getting his Gyro type certificate and training.

The event as a whole was just fantastic. There is open land for days. In the mornings you would see trikes and powered parachutes filling the skyline. This year also brought in a couple helicopters too. It was just fun to be at an aviation event and be surrounded by like minded aviation enthusiasts.

The Laws family can't wait till next year and is planning to attend in 2021.