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Local Business Highlight

Chris Laws got a tour of Chris' Precision Machine located here in Watsonville.

Chriss machine shop.mp4

Flying Videos

This documentary on the history of the Ercoupe popped up on my YouTube feed and was a great watch. If you're stuck at home looking for that aviation fix, why not learn some interesting history about an aircraft that was waaaay ahead of its time! How many of you have owned or flown an Ercoupe? - Jacob

Member Projects

Cessna 150 Wine Holder

Due to the stay at home order, member Jacob Boracca has been at work building... albeit, on small scale projects. The latest being a custom crafted wine holder as a plane-warming gift. He started by constructing the base, making a pedestal for the plane, and then modifying the wood model to accept wine glasses. Vinyl decals were provided by local pilot Mitch of Freedom Signs. The decals match the airplane that it represents, right down to the N number!

Member Stories

Chapter 494 Hanger

Tom Barnett, the chapter president, and some members were there to tell me about their chapter build project.

Building a Peitenpol

I was there while a couple members were fitting up the fuel tank.

1940 Porterfield

This is Cecil, a local pilot at Corona. He obliged me with a tour of his airplane. He even let me sit in it!

Another open hanger at Corona revealed a replica Folker Bi-plane.

This is a flying airplane called a SQ 2000 (Speed Queen). This gentleman shared a great story with me on how he flew it home from Florida.

End Of The Day

My day ended here at Flabob. As the sun set it, was time for me to go meet my daughter for dinner. It was a great weekend of spending time with my daughter and my fellow aviators.

Electric Ultralight

Anakin Peace will be our guest presenter this month. He is a student at USCS working on building an electric airplane. He and his team have a contract to build the first commercially available electric airplane. Watch this YouTube video to hear from him directly to get an idea of what he will be sharing with us on Saturday.

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Aviation Trivia!

How Did That Happen?

It's time to guess. How did this plane receive it's damage? Text your guesses to 831.288.6012. Answer will come in March 23rd's email.

Answer: This 172 had rolled onto the runway getting into position to take-off when a lowing Sonex came in for a landing. The pilot of the Sonex did not see the plane and ran right into it and bounced off the top. Fortunately the pilot was able to execute a safe landing after striking the Cessna. All parties involved had minor injuries if any. Moral of the story is that it always pays to stay alert and check downwind, base, and final before taxing onto the runway.

The Ford Tri-Motor was in Watsonville!

We had a great time hosting the Liberty Museum of Port Clinton Ohio's Ford Tri-Motor. Thanks to everyone who came out to ride this piece of aviation history, gawk at its size, and help out with the crowd control, feeding, and passenger herding.

Special thanks to Pat and Steve from EAA. Pat knew how to run the operation, kept us on point, and kept the passengers and money under tight control! Steve got to fly this wonderful airplane, but also spent hours answering endless questions from the stream of people he flew and even those who gawked. Great Job!