Vulcan American Moth

From Bob Johnson of Santa Cruz, comes this fine photo of the Vulcan American Moth that was owned by his father, then by Bob, who writes:

"Here is my old bird that was restored to this condition by Dick Stephens who may still live in Hemet, CA. He did a great job. I don't know if he still owns her. She is a 1928 Vulcan American Moth. There were only 8 made and mine was the last. Vulcan Tool Company was bought by Davis Aircraft and they changed the vertical stabilizer and rudder because she was a flat spinner. She has a 60 HP Le blond 5 cylinder radial engine and had a max cruise of 101 MPH and Stall of 38 MPH."

Notice the exquisite tapered wing profile. Maybe seeing his "old bird" here will inspire Bob to share some other stories of this airplane's colorful history with us.