Minutes from February 2017 Chapter Meeting

Submitted by thail on Sun, 03/05/2017 - 17:18.

Date: 11 February 2017

Time:  10:30am PST
Place:  EAA 1119 Hangar, 60 Aviation Way, Watsonville, CA
Type: Chapter Meeting
How called: Regularly scheduled.
How notified:  Chapter Newsletter and Website calendar.


The meeting convened at 10:30
January minutes
  • Jeremy moved to approve, Ken seconded, approved
Treasurer report
  • Checking: $1,102.18
  • Savings: $28,905.18
  • Bills
    • PG&E bill Dec 20 to Jan 19th was $565.27
    • Previous bill was $216.89
    • Electrical usage jumped up over 2x
    • Discussion on investigating, no obvious explanation
  • Now accepting chapter membership dues
    • $20 cash, check or paypal
    • See www.eaa119.org
Meeting notes
  • Young Eagles
    • Two rain outs for 2017 so far
    • Planning to add a May rally to compensate
    • Sending two kids to Air Academy in July
  • Bill Randolph Memorial on Saturday March 25th
    • More details to follow
    • Passed away peacefully at home
    • Stories about Bill told
  • John Gould from Gavalin is looking for aircraft carbs and other components to work on in aviation mechanics classes.
    • Area in tool room set aside for items to provide
  • Weather
    • Floor got very wet and dirty, clean up prior to next month will be attempted
  • Upcoming Chapter Meeting Presentations
    • March - Sean Tucker (maybe)
      • Breakfast also
    • April - 3D Printing
      • EAA Supplied SolidWorks
  • New business
    • Jeremy MacDonald volunteered to do newsletter
  • Welding demo of chapter hardware by Chris Laws