January 2017 Meeting Minutes

Submitted by thail on Sat, 01/07/2017 - 11:13.

Welcome to 2017!

Until a new newsletter editor volunteers, Chapter minutes will be posted via email and the website as required by the bylaws.  Any newsletter volunteer?

Membership dues are due again!  $20 continues to be the membership dues for EAA Chapter 119.  You can send a check to:

EAA Chapter 119

60 Aviation Way

Watsonville CA 95076

Or use Paypal via our website at:  http://www.eaa119.org/


December didn’t have a formal meeting so no meeting minutes are available.


There was a December board meeting and that information is relevant to the chapter membership so here is a summary:

To fill out EAA Chapter renewal forms the following information was provided:

  • President: Chris Laws
  • Vice Pres: Richard Yee
  • Secretary: Tom Hail
  • Treasurer: Tracy Laws
  • Young Eagles Coordinator: Tom Hail
  • Membership: 50 members
  • EAA Chapter Liability Insurance: $2M
  • Total EAA Renewal: $1000 paid by 31 December 2016

To fulfill fire insurance requirement, the current, separate, policy was renewed for $500, paid by 28 December 2016


Treasurer report:

            Savings: $31,904.41

            Checking: $1,378.81

            Cisco stock: reinvigorating effort to transfer into EAA119 hands.

Young Eagles:

  • Dustin and Theo are going to be sent to Air Academy in 2017
  • Reservations already in place, no wait list this time

Tom Hoyt Park Memorial Plaque:

            Remove it from the park

            Have it fixed

            Add Al Sibley to it

            Mount in EAA Hangar


EAA119 website, clean up old events and posts. Use it in place of newsletter for now.


Zenith 701 – Put up on Barnstormers for sale


Anticipated upcoming speakers:

            Jan 14th: Bob Wiser – Antenna review

            Feb 11th: Unleaded Aviation Fuel

            Mar 11th: 3D printing with Solid Works


Comments or questions are welcome!

Tom Hail

EAA119 Chapter Secretary