Super Bowl 50 Tenant Advisory

Submitted by ryee on Tue, 02/02/2016 - 22:16.

Super Bowl 50 Impacts to flying at WVI

If you plan to fly @ KWVI....

  • On the KWVI Ramp:
    • Only authorized vehicles on ramp Limos, taxis and rental cars must remain outside fence
    • Drivers pickup Pax at Terminal Building
    • A shuttle provided to/from terminal/aircraft.
  • IFR Arriving/Departing KWVI:
    • Filing IFR (inbound or outbound) during week, requires reservation.
    • Operators without reservations plan on delays
    • No airborne IFR filing within 200nm of NorCal airspace, except in emergency.
  • VFR Arriving/Departing KWVI:
    • Flying to SFO metro airports during Super Bowl week may require reservations
    • You should expect applicable fees (Landing, Handling, Special Events, etc.) will apply.
  • You might want to rethink....
    • Flying to north/northwest on February 7th
    • Bay Tours
    • Flying to MRY
    • Practice Approaches
    • SJC arrivals/support aircraft in 10NM ring. No GA’s
    • Squawk w/flight plan in 32NM ring - no loitering.
    • Air ambulance, LEO and DOD aircraft airborne.

SuperBowl-50 Tenant_Advisory.pdf